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I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10


The church supports mission both home and abroad. We do this by sending out our own members on short and long term missions as well as supporting missionaries from other churches. Below you will find information about Mim Friday.


Mim Friday

Thanks for looking in on my news. I am a member of Tanterton Christian Fellowship and Kampala Baptist Church. I am now living in Kampala serving in the church there and working with Viva Network Africa as their Quality Improvement Systems Training Consultant. This involves working with the Children at Risk Action Network in Kampala, Connect Network in Cape Town, Mwanza Children at Risk Network in Tanzania and Arise for Children Network in Kisumu.
Viva Network is a global movement of Christians passionately concerned for ‘children at risk’, committed to working together to give every child the opportunity to become all that God Intends. Currently, Viva Network is helping over 1 million children.

Viva Network run training courses for projects that are working with children at risk, helping them to capacity build and improve what good work they are already doing. They have asked me to head up that work in Africa.

My role with Viva Network Africa is to work with a team of people who are trying to help children at risk to find a safe place and to become all that God intends them to be.
My job description includes the following:

Programme Development, Resource Mobilisation, Networking and Partnerships Manager

1. Provide technical programme expertise and develop programme materials and collaborative initiatives

2. Support network programmes with definable outputs and work plans

3. Work with Viva to share resources and information with other networks

4. Identify and liaise with external partners, donors and stakeholders

5. Develop funding proposals where the network has potential to acquire funding within and outside of Kampala

6. Train staff and facilitators to deliver programmes and oversee programme delivery

7. Manage MOUs, Terms of Reference, Contracts and Agreements of the network

8. Work with the Board and staff to ensure the network remains strategic and focussed, working towards bringing solutions for children at risk in Kampala, specifically using an Annual Network Review

9. Develop annual budget and narrative reports

10. Introduce new programmes to the network and to stakeholders
Africa is a continent of children. However, children suffer in Africa as a result of many complex factors. These include ongoing political instability, poverty. So, not only is Africa a continent of children; it is a continent with children in need. The journey of discovery to this service opportunity is one that is entirely of God and I just sit back and look with amazing gratitude for what He has done to bring me to this point…that’s another story! Meanwhile, I thank God for the individuals who have supported me in that journey and continue to do so. I share a house with Faith (left, who spent 2 years working at Tanterton Christian Fellowship) ) and Maria (right) in Bulange, Kampala. Together we seek to encourage each other to live lives that are pleasing to God and display grace to all who come our way. We particularly use our home for hosting church events from bridal showers to women’s overnight prayer nights, one-to-one discipleship and a whole range of more lighthearted social activities. It’s a great place to live.Mim Friday, Kampala, Summer 2010.