Tanterton Christian Fellowship

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10


Vision of the church
We exist for the sole purpose of helping people follow Jesus.

This we seek to do by concentrating on the following Key areas:-

Worship. This is our response to God’s initiative. It is a means of giving back to God of all that we have and are, in response to his giving to us in creation and redemption and involves the whole life of Christian believers.

Discipleship. This is our maturing as God’s people. It is a means of becoming more like Jesus Christ, by applying Jesus’ teachings to every area of our lives, and by living by these principles.

Fellowship. This is our common life together. It is means, as God’s new community of believers, we help our brothers and sisters in Jesus belong both to him and to one another.

Ministry. This is our demonstration of God’s love. It is a means of showing this love in practical service, and in the exercising of gifts and supernatural abilities.

Evangelism. This is our sharing of Christian good news with all people. It is a means of bringing people into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.